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Mars Dichotomy: Prospects for human life on Mars

María Angélica Leal Leal, David Tovar, Jimena Sánchez Nieves, María Trinidad Ceferino Ramírez, Ingela Carolina Ríos Jiménez, Marisol Leal Leal, Rosa Alejandra Reyes Quiñonez, Iván Manjarrés Cadena, Aura Elizabeth Quiñonez Toro, Francisco José Reyes Torres, María Camila Orozco Martínez, Yih Wen Fung, Carlos Humberto Barreto, Luz Marina Melgarejo Muñoz, Sergio Esteban Matoma Rivas, Daniel Guillermo Perico Sánchez, Andrés Tovar, Mónica Alexandra Antolínez Rodríguez, Julián Alexander Arias Calvo, Estefani Martínez Tapias, Laura Natalia Ballesteros Santana, Marha Alejandra Franco Prada, Adrián Arturo Rodríguez Rubiano, Santiago Páez Avendaño, Santiago Monsalve Silva, Sebastian Castaño Ramírez, Juan Diego Parra Mosquera, Andrés Castaño, Aixa Marín Orozco, Alejandro Niño García, Carlos Geovanny García Castro, Juan Manuel Jiménez Vergara, Camilo Andrés Escobar Tarazona, Daniel Felipe Ramírez Díaz, Lorena Bastidas Gómez, Iván Alexis Nocua Benitez, Oscar Fernando Barriga Romero, Natalia Barreto Escobar, Camila Andrea Gahona, Juan Sebastián Rodríguez Camero, Daniel Ruyardi Restrepo Barbosa, Yulied Porras Ramírez, Andrés Felipe Parada Valle, Esmeralda Laverde, Melissa Ocampo Avendaño, María Valentina Vega Caro, Liliana Figueroa del Castillo

Published: 2021-03-04
Subjects: Biology, Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Ecology Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Other Astrophysics and Astronomy, Other Food Science, Planetary Geology, Planetary Sciences

Within the framework of the Mars City State Contest 2020 of The Mars Society, from Colombia, with an interdisciplinary and academic perspective, it was sought to give a perspective of solutions and answers to the challenges of possible human life on Mars. Thus, the document initially addresses a forward-looking prologue, an introduction to the concept of the proposed state, taking as a starting [...]

Cosmic Relationships: Comets, Human Behavior and New Discoveries on Easter Island

candace gossen

Published: 2021-01-22
Subjects: Other Astrophysics and Astronomy, Other Earth Sciences

Humans have recorded celestial events for as long as we have been able to draw and write. Pictographs, petroglyphs and even standing stones mark moments in time on the landscape to remember changing seasons and repeating cycles. Some merge together to form cosmic relationships where great civilization collapse is ushered in by a supernova and stamped onto a rock with a hand print. This historical [...]

A prototype for a Multi-GNSS orbit combination

Pierre Sakic, Gustavo Mansur, Benjamin Männel

Published: 2020-08-20
Subjects: Astrophysics and Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Other Astrophysics and Astronomy, Other Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Since 1994, the International GNSS Service (IGS) provides a combination of orbit and clock offset products from its different Analysis Centers. These products are used as input by many software for countless scientific and/or operational applications. They can also be used as an independent reference for benchmark experiments. Nevertheless, those products include GPS-only data, despite the fact [...]

Habitability of the early Earth: Liquid water under a faint young Sun facilitated by strong tidal heating due to a nearby Moon

René Heller, Jan-Peter Duda, Max Winkler, Joachim Reitner, Laurent Gizon

Published: 2020-07-10
Subjects: Astrophysics and Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Other Astrophysics and Astronomy, Other Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Planetary Sciences, The Sun and the Solar System

Geological evidence suggests liquid water near the Earths surface as early as 4.4 gigayears ago when the faint young Sun only radiated about 70 % of its modern power output. At this point, the Earth should have been a global snowball. An extreme atmospheric greenhouse effect, an initially more massive Sun, release of heat acquired during the accretion process of protoplanetary material, and [...]

Linking the evolution of terrestrial interiors and an early outgassed atmosphere to astrophysical observations

Dan J. Bower, Daniel Kitzmann, Aaron S. Wolf, Patrick Sanan, Caroline Dorn, Apurva V. Oza

Published: 2019-10-17
Subjects: Astrophysics and Astronomy, Earth Sciences, Geophysics and Seismology, Other Astrophysics and Astronomy, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Planetary Geophysics and Seismology, Planetary Sciences

A terrestrial planet is molten during formation and may remain molten due to intense insolation or tidal forces. Observations favour the detection and characterisation of hot planets, potentially with large outgassed atmospheres. We aim to determine the radius of hot Earth-like planets with large outgassing atmospheres. Our goal is to explore the differences between molten and solid silicate [...]

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