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Cryoegg: development and field trials of a wireless subglacial probe for deep, fast-moving ice

Michael Robert Prior-Jones, Elizabeth Bagshaw, Jonathan Lees, Lindsay Clare, Stephen Burrow, Mauro A Werder, Nanna B Karlsson, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Thomas R Chudley, Poul Christoffersen

Published: 2020-06-12
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering, Glaciology, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Systems and Communications

Subglacial hydrological systems require innovative technological solutions to access and observe. Wireless sensor platforms can be used to collect and return data, but their performance in deep and fast-moving ice requires quantification. We report experimental results from Cryoegg: a spherical probe that can be deployed into a borehole or moulin and transit through the subglacial hydrological [...]

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