iRONS: interactive Reservoir Operation Notebooks and Software for water reservoir systems simulation and optimisation

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Andres Peñuela, Francesca Pianosi 


In this paper we present the iRONS toolbox for reservoir modelling and optimisation. The toolbox is meant to serve both the research and professional community and contribute to bridge the gap between them. iRONS is structured in a modular way and combines Python core functions and interactive Jupyter Notebooks. Core functions implement typical reservoir modelling tasks. They are well commented and written in a “math-like” style that aims to maximise readability. A just-in-time compiler is used to speed-up the core functions without compromising readability. Modularity and legibility of the core functions facilitate their tailoring to a variety of problems, from single to multiple reservoir systems, and their integration into other hydrological models at different scales. The interactive Jupyter Notebooks combine the core functions with other Python packages (e.g. for multi-objective optimization and interactive visualization) to demonstrate, with practical examples, the key functionalities of iRONs as well as the more general value of simulation and optimisation tools for water resources management. iRONS can be downloaded at





water resource management; reservoir operation; decision making; interactive visualization; Jupyter Notebooks; Python


Published: 2020-10-28 13:41

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CC BY Attribution 4.0 International

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