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The shape of volcanic conduits inferred from bubble size distributions

Sahand Hajimirza, Helge M. Gonnermann, James E. Gardner

Carbonate clumped isotope analysis (Δ47) of 21 carbonate standards determined via gas source isotope ratio mass spectrometry on four instrumental configurations using carbonate-based standardization and multi-year datasets

Deepshikha Upadhyay, Jamie Lucarelli, Alexandrea Arnold, Randy Flores, Hayley Bricker, Robert Ulrich, Gregory Jesmok, William Defliese, Robert Eagle, Hannah Carroll, Jesse Bateman, Victoria Petryshyn, Sean Loyd, Jianwu Tang, Antra Priyadarshi, Ben Elliott, Aradhna Tripati

Reconstructing the morphologies and hydrodynamics of ancient rivers from source to sink: Cretaceous Western Interior Basin, Utah, USA

Sinead Lyster, Alexander C Whittaker, Gary J Hampson, Elizabeth A Hajek, Peter A Allison, Bailey Lathrop

A benthic light index of water quality in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Marites Canto, Katharina Fabricius, Murray Logan, Stephen Lewis, Lachlan McKinna, Barbara Robson