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Fault Throw and Regional Uplift Histories from Drainage Analysis: Evolution of Southern Italy

Jennifer Quye-Sawyer, Alexander C Whittaker, Gareth Roberts, Dylan H. Rood

Towards underwater plastic monitoring using echo sounding

Sophie Broere, Tim van Emmerik, Daniel González-Fernández, Willem Luxemburg, Matthieu de Schipper, Andrés Cózar, Nick van de Giesen

Observational estimates of dynamic topography through space and time

Mark Hoggard, Jacqueline Austermann, Cody Randel, Simon Stephenson

Vertical fluxes conditioned on vorticity and strain reveal submesoscale ventilation

Dhruv Balwada, Qiyu Xiao, Shafer Smith, Ryan Abernathey, Alison Gray