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The influence of crustal strength on rift geometry and development – Insights from 3D numerical modelling

Thomas Brian Phillips, John Naliboff, Ken McCaffrey, Sophie Pan, Jeroen van Hunen

Fracture distribution in a folded fluvial succession: the Puig-reig anticline (South-eastern Pyrenees)

Xiaolong Sun, Enrique Gomez-Rivas, Juan Alcalde, Juan Diego Martín-Martín, Cunfei Ma, Daniel Muñoz-López, David Cruset, Irene Cantarero, Albert Griera, Anna Travé

Global Assessment of Oil and Gas Methane Ultra-Emitters

Thomas Lauvaux, Clément Giron, Matthieu Mazzolini, Alexandre d'Aspremont, Riley Duren, Daniel Cusworth, Drew Shindell, Philippe Ciais

Hydroclimatic Analysis of Rising Water Levels in the Great Rift Valley Lakes of Kenya

Mathew Herrnegger, Gabriel Stecher, Christian Schwatke, Luke Olang