About EarthArXiv

Active since 2017, EarthArXiv is a preprint server devoted to open scholarly communication. EarthArXiv publishes articles from all subdomains of Earth Science and related domains of planetary science. The EarthArXiv platform assigns each submission a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), therefore assigning provenance and making it citable in other scholarly works.

EarthArXiv does not evaluate the scientific quality of submissions. Instead, EarthArXiv serves as a volunteer community-driven platform for free hosting and rapid dissemination of scientific results.

EarthArXiv partners with California Digital Library (part of the University of California system) as our server host and submission platform using a system called Janeway (developed at Birkbeck, University of London). EarthArXiv thanks Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) for its continued support.

Not sure what a preprint is? Then, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. In addition to the FAQ, this site contains community resources and our EarthArXiv preprint blog. We also encourage you to read our Moderation Policy and Terms of Use to learn our basic requirements for paper submissions.

Capturing a broad spectrum of interest and experience will help EarthArXiv consider and include the full geoscience community. An essential step to achieving this objective is to ensure broad and intersectional diversity in staffing our Advisory Council. Today, EarthArXiv has more than 300 individuals volunteering to help out. We are grateful for such overwhelming support. Our initial Advisory Council was selected from this set of volunteers with the above objectives in mind and these individuals will serve a 2-year term. We encourage you to read our Diversity Statement. See here for our current and past Advisory Council.