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Notes on the creation and manipulation of solid solution models

Robert Myhill, James Connolly

Published: 2019-12-04
Subjects: Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Materials Chemistry, Mineral Physics, Physical Sciences and Mathematics

A large class of solid solution models are built on the premise that exchange of chemical species takes place on a finite number of unique sites, and that the thermodynamic properties of the solution are a function of the proportions of species occupying each of the sites. The site-occupancy spaces spanned by such models are geometrically equivalent to convex polytopes, n-dimensional [...]

Effect of solution chemistry on the iodine release from iodoapatite in aqueous environments

ZELONG ZHANG, Léa Gustin, Weiwei Xie, et al.

Published: 2019-05-24
Subjects: Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Geochemistry, Materials Chemistry, Physical Sciences and Mathematics

To ensure the safe disposal of nuclear waste, understanding the release process of radionuclides retained in the nuclear waste forms is of vital importance. Iodoapatite Pb9.85(VO4)6I1.7, a potential waste form for iodine-129, was selected as a model system for ceramic waste forms in this study to understand the effect of aqueous species on iodine release. Semi-dynamic leaching tests were [...]

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