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Ascent rates of 3D fractures driven by a finite batch of buoyant fluid

Timothy Davis, Eleonora Rivalta, Delphine Smittarello, et al.

Published: 2022-06-20
Subjects: Fluid Dynamics, Geology, Glaciology, Mechanics of Materials, Volcanology

Propagation of fluid-filled fractures by fluid buoyancy is important in a variety of settings, from magmatic dykes and veins to water-filled crevasses in glaciers. Industrial hydro-fracturing utilises fluid-driven fractures to increase the permeability of rock formations, but few studies have quantified the effect of buoyancy on fracture pathways in this context. Analytical approximations for the [...]

Spatio-temporal clustering of seismicity enabled by off-fault plasticity

Md Shumon Mia, Mohamed Abdelmeguid, Ahmed Elbanna

Published: 2021-12-06
Subjects: Applied Mechanics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dynamics and Dynamical Systems, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Science and Materials, Geophysics and Seismology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics of Materials, Other Mechanical Engineering, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Tribology

While significant progress has been made in understanding earthquake source processes in linear elastic domains, the effect of more realistic rheologies including plasticity is poorly understood. Here, we simulate sequence of earthquake and aseismic slip of a 2D antiplane rate-and-state fault embedded in a full-space elastic-plastic bulk. We show that off-fault plasticity may lead to partial [...]

Elastoplastic constitutive behavior and strain localization of a low-porosity sandstone during brittle fracturing

Shihuai Zhang, Pei Guo, Shunchuan Wu

Published: 2021-11-12
Subjects: Engineering, Mechanics of Materials

We investigated the elastoplastic behavior and strain localization of the Zigong sandstone (porosity: 6.5%) during brittle fracturing based on two series of axisymmetric compression experiments. The experiments were conducted under various confining pressures (σ3 = 0 ~ 80 MPa). For each confining pressure, the sandstone specimens were deformed under constant axial and circumferential strain [...]

Dynamic Compressive Strength and Fragmentation in Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks

Auriol S. P. Rae, Thomas Kenkmann, Vivek Padmanabha, et al.

Published: 2021-08-15
Subjects: Mechanics of Materials, Tectonics and Structure

Brittle deformation at high strain rates results in intense fragmentation and rock pulverisation. For rocks, the critical strain rate at which this behaviour occurs is ~10^2 s-1. The mechanical properties of rocks at these strain rates can also be very different from their quasi-static properties. Deformation of rocks at these strain rates is uncommon in nature but can occur during fault rupture, [...]

Imbibition in porous media: correlations of displacement events with pore-throat geometry and the identification of a new type of pore snap-off

Kamaljit Singh, Tom Bultreys, Ali Q. Raeini, et al.

Published: 2019-08-24
Subjects: Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Complex Fluids, Dynamics and Dynamical Systems, Engineering, Engineering Science and Materials, Environmental Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanics of Materials, Petroleum Engineering, Transport Phenomena

The displacement of a non-wetting fluid by a wetting fluid in porous media, called imbibition, is important in many natural and industrial processes. During imbibition, the wetting fluid invades the pore space through a series of competitions between piston-like displacement, film and corner flow, snap-off, pore bypassing and trapping. Our understanding of these fundamental pore-scale [...]

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