Geo-Information Technologies of Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA) for Urban Mapping

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Polina Lemenkova


Current work is aimed at the deriving of information from the remote sensed VHR data using a priori knowledge in the Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA) approach. OBIA technology is new and effective tool for urban mapping, as it enables dealing with raster images for detailed and precise cartography. Specific focus of this study is selected urban areas of the city of Brussels, Belgium. The study is performed using panchromatic very high resolution (VHR) image processed in the eCognition software. Application of the a priori knowledge in the OBIA approach towards classification of the satellite imagery for solving problem of the land cover studies is the target aim of this research. Some attempts of utilizing knowledge in the classifying map objects are performed [1] describing techniques of the labelling objects in urban environment. The authors developed an open source framework to study urban evolutions using vector based topographic databases as a part of the open GeOpenSim project. Using visualization of the geospatial objects from the database and expert knowledge labelling of the objects and generated the data set has been performed. It included continuous and discontinuous urban fabric, individual houses, high and low density mixed housing surface, hydrographical and communication network (canals, rivers), as well as specific urban surface (industrial wasteland and buildings).



Education, Environmental Education, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Sciences, Geographic Information Sciences, Geography, Natural Resources and Conservation, Natural Resources Management and Policy, Other Environmental Sciences, Physical and Environmental Geography, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Remote Sensing, Science and Mathematics Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Spatial Science, Sustainability


remote sensing, GIS, image classification, object based image analysis, mapping, Urban Sprawl, Image Analysis, Belgium, Brussels, City Development


Published: 2019-01-25 18:18


GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) 2.1

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