An Urban Planning Sustainability Framework: Systems Approach to Blue Green Urban Design

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Pepe Puchol-Salort , Maarten Van Reeuwijk , Ana Mijic , Jimmy Okeeffe 


The climate emergency and population growth are challenging water security and sustainable urban design in cities worldwide. Sustainable urban development is crucial to minimise pressures on the natural environment and on existing urban infrastructure systems, including water, energy, and land. These pressures are particularly evident in London, which is
considered highly vulnerable to water shortages and floods and where there has been a historical shortage of housing. However, the impacts of urban growth on environmental management and protection are complex and difficult to evaluate. In addition, there is a
disconnection between the policy and decision-making processes as to what comprises asustainable urban development project.
Here we present a systems-based Urban Planning Sustainability Framework (UPSUF) that integrates sustainability evaluation, design solutions and planning system process. One of the features of this master planning framework is the spatial representation of the urban development in a Geographical Information System to create an operational link between design solutions and evaluation metrics. UPSUF moves from an initial baseline scenario to a sustainable urban development design, incorporating the requirements of governance and regulatory bodies, as well as those of the end-users. It evaluates the impact on the built and
the natural environments through the concept of urban ecosystem services, and makes the process for sustainable design more accurate and reliable. Ultimately, UPSUF has the potential to facilitate partnership and constructive dialogue between the public and the private sectors.





Urban planning, Urban sustainability framework, Systems approach, Urban planning, Blue green urban design, Urban ecosystem services, Urban natural capital, Systems approach, Blue green urban design, Urban ecosystem services, Urban natural capital


Published: 2020-10-23 11:41


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