Evaluating Short-Term Spatio-Temporal Tropospheric Variability in Multi-Temporal SAR Interferograms Using LES Models

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Fengming Hu , Ramon Hanssen , Pier Siebesma , Kevin C Helfer


Atmospheric delay has a significant impact on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) interferometry, inducing spatial phase errors and decorrelation in extreme weather condition. For Low Earth Orbit (LEO) SAR missions, the atmosphere can be considered as being spatio-temporally frozen due to the short integration time. Geosynchronous (GEO) SAR missions, however, have short revisit times and extensive imaging coverage but with a longer integration time. As a result, GEOSAR interferograms can provide continuous deformation monitoring and integrated refractivity for weather forecasting. However, as the troposphere may vary significantly within the integration time, this may lead to a degradation during focusing and decorrelation of the InSAR pair. Here we simulate a time-series refractivity distribution with a high spatio-temporal resolution, for a fair-weather situation using an advanced Large Eddy Simulation (LES) model, to show the spatio-temporal variability of the troposphere on short time scales. Given GEO orbit parameters with different viewing angles along both azimuth and range directions, corresponding time-series of tropospheric interferograms are obtained based on the SAR geometry, and the impacts of different parameters are compared. Tropospheric delay is found to vary rapidly and a lead to phase gradient exceeding one cycle within a few minutes. Yet, for periods of less than ~15 minutes, a frozen-flow approximation may be successful to mitigate atmospheric decorrelation. Consequently, GEOSAR imaging should be iterative to compensate the atmospheric effects.




Aerospace Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences, Computational Engineering, Earth Sciences, Fluid Dynamics, Longitudinal Data Analysis and Time Series, Meteorology, Multivariate Analysis, Signal Processing


InSAR, tropospheric delay, geosar


Published: 2021-07-13 19:13


CC BY Attribution 4.0 International

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