An estimate of the amount of geological CO2 storage over the period 1996-2020

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Yuting Zhang, Samuel Krevor, Chris Jackson


Existing centralised databases of industrial-scale CCS report various characteristics including capture capacities but do not specify the amount of CO2 stored from commercial CCS facilities. We review a variety of publicly available sources to estimate the amount of CO2 that has been captured and stored by operational CCS facilities since 1996. We organise these sources into three categories broadly corresponding to the associated degree of legal liability or auditing. Data were found for twenty commercial-scale facilities, indicating a combined capture capacity of 36 MtCO2 per year. Combining data from all three categories suggests that approximately 27 MtCO2 of this was stored in the subsurface in 2019. However, considering only categories 2 and 1 of reporting, storage estimates for 2019 reduce to 25 MtCO2 and 11 MtCO2, respectively. Nearly half of the projects investigated here are reporting injection rates close to their originally proposed capture rate capacity. Our data also show that between 1996 and 2020, 196 Mt of CO2 has been cumulatively stored, combining data for all three categories. The database presented here provides further insight into the factors influencing performances of CCS operations and the data can be used to parameterise energy system models for analysing plausible scaleup trajectories of CCS.



Physical Sciences and Mathematics


CCS, carbon storage, energy, Climate change mitigation, CCS statistics, MtCO2


Published: 2021-12-28 06:45

Last Updated: 2021-12-28 14:45


CC BY Attribution 4.0 International

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