Revisiting the Climate Narrative

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Denis de Bernardy


The rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide is chiefly tied to land stewardship.

Farmers and loggers have removed the plants that, until the industrial era, kept the soil fungi alive, kept soil emissions nearby by breaking the wind, and soaked those up. The result is plumes of carbon dioxide.

Putting plants back in would curb these emissions. Farmers and loggers could address biodiversity loss in the process.

Auditing the deceitful carbon accounting shows that these emissions are the only ones that matter. A chicanery hides them from view while fueling dubious activities.

The contribution of fossil fuels to atmospheric carbon dioxide is small. It likely comes from emissions sources with no nearby plants, like industrial smokestacks. Bio-sequestration could curb that wasted carbon dioxide.

This topsoil loss is fueling desertification. Better land stewardship would reverse the latter.

Desertification, natural variability, and other man-made decisions can be confused as climate change by those who do not work with nature.

In the end, the carbon accounting framework is Orwellian Newspeak. So is the language used in nature conservation. The policies that they serve to justify warrant a closer look.



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Published: 2023-04-06 10:50

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