Developing the future visions for seamless multi-hazard warning for volcanic eruptions

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Andrew Tupper, Graham Leonard


Much work has been done to build arrangements between volcanology and meteorology to handle the aviation risks from volcanic ash. This workshop will discuss how to approach collaborative arrangements for other volcanic hazards to the public, particularly where a multi-disciplinary approach is required. These hazards include tsunamis, ashfall, rainfall-induced dome collapses, lahars, pumice, glacial floods, and gas. They threaten a range of sectors including marine users, land transport users, agriculture, and residential communities. Approaching these hazards in an integrated fashion with the hydrometeorological community will help provide consistent and coherent warnings, create a focus on the capacity development required, and ultimately build a safer world consistent with the Sendai Framework and the recent UN call to provide universal coverage for early warning systems.

The workshop featured a range of multi-disciplinary presentations on this theme, and discuss and draft a vision for future seamless multi-hazard warnings for volcanic eruptions and for secondary hazards.



Earth Sciences, Volcanology


Volcano, multi-hazard, warning, Eruption


Published: 2023-05-23 00:39


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