A paradigm shift towards decentralized cloud-integrated spatial data infrastructures: Lessons learned and solutions provided for public authorities

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Florian Beyer , Patric Brandt, Michael Schmidt, Ulrike Stahl, Burkhard Golla, Heike Gerighausen, Markus Möller 


Digital transformation is a key to turn public authorities into organisations that make decisions based on data-driven insights. The use of big geodata can enable public authorities to tackle complex sustainability issues. However, the efficient management of large amounts of geodata through implementing viable data infrastructures represents a major challenge for public authorities. In this article, we propose a decentralized, cloud-integrated spatial data infrastructure (SDI) to meet the needs of public authorities mandated to provide data services based on earth observation (EO) imagery. We describe the SDI setup and integration of the EO cloud platform \cde, drawing on the specific SDI implementation at a federal, agricultural authority in Germany. Two practical applications are illustrated, underpinning the added value of a cloud-integrated SDI. We elaborate on lessons learned from SDI implementation by summarizing four key findings that may facilitate effective SDI establishment and use, namely i) the need for an organizational strategy, ii) identifying stakeholders, including their participatory roles, iii) long-term financial and human resource planning, and iv) the implementation of a data governance framework. The SDI proposed, serves as blueprint for public authorities aiding them on their path to become providers of data services, leveraging the potential of big geodata, including EO imagery.




Agriculture, Computer and Systems Architecture, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing, Sustainability


Big Data; Cloud computing; \cde, Copernicus; Digitization; Geodata, big data, Cloud computing, CODE-DE, Copernicus, Digitization, Geodata


Published: 2023-06-08 07:21

Last Updated: 2023-06-09 01:36

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