Development of a Deep Neural Network (DNN) Model for Feature Selection from Satellite Images

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Soma Mitra, Debkumar Chowdhury, Mauparna Nandan, Kajori Parial, Saikat Basu


Advances in space-based observation, using remotely sensed data, has proved to be an important tool to monitor the globe, including the areas inaccessible to humans. The Sundarban deltaic region, witnessing the confluence of vast expanses of tropical mangrove forests, tidal rivers, and estuaries, is one such area. Considered as one of the richest biodiversity hotspot zones on earth, home to a large spectrum of biodiversity (flora and fauna), including endangered or threatened species, this forest plays a critical role in land reclamation, coastal habitat protection, and local socioeconomics. However, the forests have been experiencing changes due to climatic forces and anthropogenic activities. Monitoring these changes is crucial for adopting precise management practices. In this work Landsat 8 images were used to identify the land use and land cover in the Sundarbans. For classification, a new deep Neural Network (DNN) model is proposed. A comparative analysis of overall accuracy (OA) of the proposed DNN model with two popular Machine Learning (ML) models, Random Forest (RF) and XGBoost showed 98.9% 97.0% and 98.1% OA respectively. Additive exPlanations (SHAP) were used for each model to obtain important features. It was observed that NIR, SWIR1, Blue, and EVI were the most important features. The proposed DNN model outperformed the RF and XGBoost models with these four important features, achieving 98.5% accuracy. On comparison, it was concluded that deep learning techniques are more effective in feature selection from remote sensing images.



Other Earth Sciences, Other Environmental Sciences


XGBoost, Random Forest, Explainable AI, DNN, Sundarbans, , Random Forest, Explainable AI, DNN, Sundarbans


Published: 2023-09-07 17:27

Last Updated: 2023-09-07 22:23


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