FloodGame: An Interactive 3D Serious Game on Flood Mitigation for Disaster Awareness and Education

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Bekir Zahit Demiray, Yusuf Sermet, Enes Yildirim, Ibrahim Demir


The number and devastating impacts of natural disasters have grown significantly worldwide, and floods are one of the most dangerous and frequent natural disasters. Recent studies emphasize the importance of public awareness in disaster preparedness and response activities. FloodGame is designed as a web-based interactive serious game geared towards educating K-12 and college students and raising public awareness on flood prevention and mitigation strategies so that they are more informed about the implications of future floods. A web-based interactive gaming environment with rich 3D visuals and models is developed that allows users to experiment with different flood mitigation strategies for a real-world location of their choice. This immersive, repeatable, and engaging experience will allow students and the public to comprehend the consequences of individual mitigation measures, build a conceptual understanding of the benefits of mitigation actions, and examine how floods may occur in their communities.




Environmental Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Risk Analysis, Science and Mathematics Education


Gamification, Flood Management, Flood Risk, Community Resilience, Serious Gaming


Published: 2023-09-08 09:27

Last Updated: 2023-12-21 14:50

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