Messages from the past; the petroglyphs of El Hierro Island

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Mario Guglielmi, Valentin Rudolf Troll, Joerg Joerg Foest, Juan Carlos Carracedo


Ancient cultures have frequently made use of stone surfaces to carve and engrave
symbols, letters and messages for others. These petroglyphs usually have a lasting
character and are frequently preserved well beyond the survival of the culture that
produced the petroglyphs. In this article we focus on the written and pictorial testimony
of the pre-Hispanic era of the island of El Hierro (Canary Islands, Spain), which
exploited a series of volcanic rock features to create a written testimony of their
presence and their way of life. This specific cultural heritage has been adapted to the
specific geological features on the island and the emerging stone masonry skill of the
aboriginal culture of the original islander, creating a unique and lasting record of their
ability to use geological elements for cultural development.



Earth Sciences


El Hierro, Petroglyphs, Canary Islands, Culture


Published: 2023-09-22 06:55

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