Visualizing the Availability of Temporally Structured Sensor Data

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Daniel Nüst , Felix Bache, Arne Bröring, Christoph Stasch, Simon Jirka


With the development of new sensor technologies and the standardization of sensor data formats, sensor data from different sources becomes available for many applications. A crucial task is to get an overview on the spatial and temporal extent for which data is available before integrating the data into an application. This work presents an approach for accessing the necessary information about the availability of temporally structured sensor data from sensor web services. We show different kinds of data availability visualization. Based on the required values we specify a new generic sensor web service interface operation that constitutes the foundation for realizing the presented visualization methods. [Article peer-reviewed and presented as a short paper at the AGILE conference 2010, Guimareis, Portugal.]



Computer Sciences, Graphics and Human Computer Interfaces, Physical Sciences and Mathematics


data discovery, AGILEGIS, AGILE short paper, visualisation, Sensor Web


Published: 2019-09-28 23:24


CC BY Attribution 4.0 International

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