Daily global methane super-emitter detection and source identification with sub-daily tracking

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Tobias A. de Jong , Joannes D. Maasakkers, Itziar Irakulis-Loitxate , Cynthia A. Randles, Paul Tol, Ilse Aben 


We use the Shortwave Infrared bands of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) satellite instruments to retrieve atmospheric methane enhancements with 750m resolution. We show that the three VIIRS instruments in orbit uniquely enhance the currently-employed capabilities of tracking methane super-emission events. The VIIRS instrument on Suomi-NPP and the TROPOMI instrument on Sentinel-5 Precursor have overpasses that are only a few minutes apart, which allows for direct identification of methane super-emitter sources by VIIRS as first detected by TROPOMI. The co-location also allows us to cross-validate our VIIRS methane enhancements with TROPOMI. Furthermore, we show how the global multiple overpasses per day by VIIRS and Sentinel-3 give a unique insight in the timeline of emissions and can be vital in understanding and attributing transient emissions.




Atmospheric Sciences, Oil, Gas, and Energy


remote sensing, methane, Oil and gas, Super-emitters, greenhouse gases, mitigation


Published: 2024-02-01 18:44

Last Updated: 2024-02-01 23:44


CC BY Attribution 4.0 International