Grüneisen parameter formalism in the study of the Earth's core formation: a sensitivity study

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Vincent Clesi , Renaud Deguen


The Grüneisen parameter is an important parameter for the thermal state and evolution of the core, but its uncertainties and their implications are sometimes overlooked . Several formalisms using different parameters values have been used in different studies, making comparison between studies difficult. In this paper, we use previously published datasets to test the sensitivity of modeling the thermal state of the early core to the different formalisms and parameter values used to describe the evolution of the Grüneisen parameter with density. The temperature of the core obtained in our models is less sensitive to the uncertainties of the parameters used in Al'Tshuler et al (1987) formalism than the uncertainties of the parameters used in Anderson (1967) formalism.



Condensed Matter Physics, Earth Sciences, Geochemistry, Geology, Mineral Physics, Other Earth Sciences, Planetary Geophysics and Seismology, Planetary Mineral Physics, Planetary Sciences


Composition and structure of the core, Planetary Interiors, numerical modelling, igh-pressure behaviour, Equations of state


Published: 2024-03-21 16:07

Last Updated: 2024-03-23 00:13

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