River Morphology Information System: A Web Cyberinfrastructure  for Advancing River Morphology Research

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Yusuf Sermet, Chung-Yuan Liang, Sayan Dey, Marian Muste, Venkatesh Merwade, Amanda L Cox, J. Toby Minear, Ibrahim Demir


The study and management of river systems are increasingly challenged by the complexity and volume of data required to understand and predict river morphology changes. The River Morphology Information System (RIMORPHIS) is introduced as a transformative solution to these challenges, serving as an open-access web-based cyberinfrastructure designed to enable advanced research in river morphology dynamics and support integrated, multidisciplinary analysis of riverine environments. Built upon the robust framework of the National Hydrography Dataset Plus High Resolution, RIMORPHIS integrates publicly available bathymetry data and third-party resources, offering a comprehensive and cohesive database architecture for real-time use and analysis. This platform is structured around a PostgreSQL database with PostGIS extension, providing tools for Geospatial visualization using Deck.GL, data analytics with Python-based geospatial processing, and the integration of eHydro Cross Section Surveys via API. This paper presents the development and functionalities of RIMORPHIS, highlighting its unique contributions to the field of hydrological information systems, with a specific focus on river morphology. By providing on-demand access to relevant datasets, coupled with tools for data analytics and geospatial visualization, RIMORPHIS addresses critical gaps in data accessibility, interoperability, and the integration of disparate data sources. Our contribution extends beyond the technical implementation, aiming to foster a self-sustained community platform that encourages collaboration among researchers, educators, and practitioners. Through this initiative, RIMORPHIS not only enhances our understanding of river systems but also supports informed decision-making in river basin management.




Civil and Environmental Engineering, Databases and Information Systems, Geographic Information Sciences, Software Engineering


river morphology, hydrological information system, Data Analytics, geospatial visualization, WebGL, 3D Visualization, river basin management., hydrological information system, data analytics, geospatial visualization, WebGL, 3D Visualization, river basin management


Published: 2024-05-23 05:39

Last Updated: 2024-05-23 09:39


CC BY Attribution 4.0 International