E&P Business Transformation: Reserves – Technology – Information {RTI} Strategy

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Srikanth Guruswamy


Reserves (R)– make and break E&P companies. Its value and reliability are THE most valuable asset. The reserves hopper – evolution from Resources to Reserves needs maximum management focus all over. Management stage-gates to reserves maturity are necessary and sufficient for good governance.
Technology (T)– is a wide array of methods providing variable assessment of reserves. KPI of technology is assessed from the quantum and reliability of reserves. Value of Information (VoI) from technology is measurable through its impact on reserves.
Information (I)– is not IT department function. Technologies create conforming, conflicting and contradicting information about reserves. Best of Computer Science methods are needed to assimilate the data and drive information --> knowledge and --> wisdom in developing E&P business. Information strategy is the foundation for developing the Technology into 4th Paradigm of Science.
Reserves accrue from Technology through robust Information.
These 3 dimensions {R-T-I} are brought forward into a E&P business management model as necessary and sufficient factors for success. The business performance metrics are simplified using these 3 dimensions and entire organizational stage-gates are mapped to reserves maturity.




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