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Systematic Review of the Geothermal Potential in Colombia: Implications as an Alternative Energy Source

Juan Camilo Mejía-Fragoso, Cristina Dapeña

Published: 2024-04-16
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Geochemistry, Geology, Geophysics and Seismology, Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Through literature review and information processing, the current state of geothermal energy in Colombia, its limitations, possible future uses, environmental impact and the current legal framework were described and analyzed. Approximations were made regarding the sustainability of geothermal energy in the country and its implications. Some of the projects, studies, and research that have been [...]

Digitising sandbox experiments using open-source Structure-from-Motion/photogrammetry/Digital Image Correlation package MicMac

Olivier Galland, Luc Girod, Sonja Greiner, et al.

Published: 2024-04-15
Subjects: Geology, Geophysics and Seismology, Tectonics and Structure, Volcanology

Structure-from-Motion and photogrammetry have been implemented in sandbox models to monitor deformation of their surface. Various software packages are available, either open-source of commercial. Some commercial packages are intuitive press-button equipment; these can be very practical to use, but they can be very expensive and unaffordable for most academic laboratories. Another option is [...]

Evolution and architecture of an exhumed ocean-facing coarse-grained submarine canyon fill, Baja California, Mexico

Max Bouwmeester, Ian Kane, David Hodgson, et al.

Published: 2024-04-15
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Geology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Tectonics and Structure

Present day submarine canyons are active conduits for large volumes of sediment, carbon, and pollutants from continents to oceans. However, the evolution of submarine canyons over geological timescales remains poorly understood due to their erosional nature and low preservation potential. The Late Cretaceous Punta Baja Formation represents a well-preserved submarine canyon-fill on a [...]

Permeability Characterisation of Sedimentological Facies in the Bunter Sandstone Formation, Endurance CO2 Storage Site, Offshore UK

Shakhawat Hossain, Gary J Hampson, Carl Jacquemyn, et al.

Published: 2024-04-05
Subjects: Geology

Permeability variations due to sedimentological heterogeneity are important in controlling CO2 migration pathways, CO2 plume dynamics, and stratigraphic, capillary and dissolution trapping of CO2 in subsurface storage units and complexes. Thus, knowing these parameters is crucial to developing a CO2 injection strategy that maximizes storage and trapping efficiency. In this study we analyzed the [...]

Using mixed siliciclastic-bioclastic sediments as a natural analogue for plastic-rich systems

Domenico Chiarella

Published: 2024-04-05
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Sedimentology

Mixed siliciclastic-bioclastic sediments and systems represent an analogue to understanding the behaviour and impact of plastic sediments in natural environments. The integration of knowledge derived from different mixed systems can enhance our comprehension of depositional processes, bedform morphology, and plastic distribution as well as assess the potentiality of siliciclastic-bioclastic [...]

Grüneisen parameter formalism in the study of the Earth's core formation: a sensitivity study

Vincent Clesi, Renaud Deguen

Published: 2024-03-21
Subjects: Condensed Matter Physics, Earth Sciences, Geochemistry, Geology, Mineral Physics, Other Earth Sciences, Planetary Geophysics and Seismology, Planetary Mineral Physics, Planetary Sciences

The Grüneisen parameter is an important parameter for the thermal state and evolution of the core, but its uncertainties and their implications are sometimes overlooked . Several formalisms using different parameters values have been used in different studies, making comparison between studies difficult. In this paper, we use previously published datasets to test the sensitivity of modeling the [...]

Assessing the mean output rate (MOR) of past effusive basaltic eruptions - a look at the postglacial volcanism of the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland

Birgir Vilhelm Oskarsson, Robert A. Askew, Halldór Guðmundsson

Published: 2024-03-14
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Geology, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Volcanology

Volcanological approaches for assessing the effusion rate of past effusive volcanism are of great importance, to enable proper evaluation of the eruption magnitude and past tectono-magmatic conditions which are relevant for mitigating future volcanism. The reactivation of volcanism on the Reykjanes peninsula in 2021 after an 800-year hiatus, has incited the need for assessing the potential scale [...]

The role of salt diapirism in controlling the sedimentology and distribution of deep-water deposits, Pierce Field, East Central Graben, North Sea

Clara Abu, Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson

Published: 2024-03-04
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Geology, Other Earth Sciences, Sedimentology, Tectonics and Structure

Passively rising diapirs control flank deformation (i.e., within 1 km of the salt-sediment interface) and resultant stratigraphic architecture of syn-kinematic units. Growth strata associated with deformation at the flanks of passive diapirs are known as halokinetic sequences. Very few studies have conducted an integrated analysis of composite halokinetic sequences, CHS (stacked halokinetic [...]

Early extensional salt tectonics controls deep-water sediment dispersal

Davide Oppo, Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson, Vittorio Maselli

Published: 2024-02-20
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Geology, Sedimentology

The impact of seafloor deformation on sediment routing during the initial phases of extensional salt tectonics is largely unresolved despite influencing the volume of coarse-grained clastic material delivered to the deep sea. Using 3D seismic reflection data from the northern Levant Basin offshore Lebanon, we investigate the interplay between early extension-related salt deformation and [...]

Reconstructing Quaternary sea-level through bayesian inversion of staircase coastal landscapes

Gino de Gelder, Navid Hedjazian, Laurent Husson, et al.

Published: 2024-02-10
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Geology, Geomorphology, Tectonics and Structure

Quantifying Quaternary sea-level changes and hydroclimatic conditions is an important challenge given their intricate relation with paleo-climate, ice-sheets and geodynamics. The world’s coastlines provide an enormous geomorphologic archive, from which forward landscape evolution modelling studies have shown their potential to unravel paleo sea-levels, albeit at the cost of assumptions to the [...]

WITHDRAWN: The potential of terrestrial and aquatic molluscs for the temporal analysis of Deckenschotter deposits and younger Quaternary sediments from the Swiss Plateau

Nigel Thew

Published: 2024-02-08
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Geology, Geomorphology, Paleobiology, Paleontology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy

Subsurface microbial community structure shifts along the geological features of the Central American Volcanic Arc

Marco Basili, Timothy J. Rogers, Mayuko Nakagawa, et al.

Published: 2024-02-05
Subjects: Biodiversity, Biogeochemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Ecology Life Sciences, Geochemistry, Geology, Microbiology, Volcanology

Subduction of the Cocos and Nazca oceanic plates beneath the Caribbean plate drives the upward movement of deep fluids enriched in carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, and iron along the Central American Volcanic Arc (CAVA). These compounds fuel diverse subsurface microbial communities that in turn alter the distribution, redox state, and isotopic composition of these compounds. Microbial community [...]

Facies models for rocky shorelines and their application to transgressed basement highs in the North Sea.

Josep Maria Puig Lopez, John Howell

Published: 2024-01-29
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Geology, Geomorphology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy

Rocky shorelines form where basement highs are eroded and flooded during marine transgressive events. Despite the Mesozoic North Sea rift generated numerous platform margins and rotated fault blocks which acted as basement highs, rocky shoreline deposits have not been previously reported. In the rock record rocky shoreline deposits are usually represented by thin conglomerates overlying major [...]

Quaternary and Pliocene sea-level changes at Camarones, central Patagonia, Argentina

Karla Rubio-Sandoval, Deirdre D. Ryan, Sebastian Richiano, et al.

Published: 2024-01-20
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Geology, Geomorphology, Geophysics and Seismology, Tectonics and Structure

Geological indicators of past relative sea level changes are fundamental to reconstruct the extent of former ice sheet during past interglacials, which are considered analogs for future climate conditions. Four interglacials, dating from Holocene to Pliocene, have left sea-level imprints in the proximity of the coastal town of Camarones in Central Patagonia, Argentina. Sea-level index points were [...]

Tectonostratigraphy of the Late Neoproterozoic in the Eastern Arabian Plate – a revision of the Ediacaran geological evolution in the Central Oman Mountains (Jabal Al Akhdar, Sultanate of Oman)

Ivan Callegari, Andreas Scharf, Andre Pinto, et al.

Published: 2024-01-16
Subjects: Geology

In northeastern Oman, within the Neoproterozoic Huqf Supergroup, well-exposed sedimentary formations spanning the Cryogenian to Ediacaran periods, lie beneath the late Palaeozoic "Hercynian Unconformity". These rocks bear the marks of the distant Cadomian Orogeny. Among these, the youngest correspond to the diverse Ediacaran Fara Formation, a member of the Ara Group. Our study extensively [...]


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