Preprint: Dataset of global extreme climatic indices due to an acceleration of ice sheet melting during the 21st century

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Dimitri Defrance 


This article describes extreme indices maps (Data Cube, raster X Time) for different scenarios with a more important contribution to the sea level rise from Greenland and/or Antarctica during the 21st century under the Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 8.5 emission scenario. The indices are produced annually and globally with a resolution of 0.5°X0.5° from 1951 to 2099. The data were generated by simulating daily maximum and minimum temperature and precipitation from the IPSL-CM5A-LR model from Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5). These climatic data are unbiased and downscaled to the 0.5°x0.5 scale with the the Cumulative Distribution Function transform (CDFt) and EWEMBI dataset compiled to support the bias correction of climate input data for ISIMIP. Finally, each extreme indice is compute on the unbiased data on each grid cell on all continents. These data are available at .



Atmospheric Sciences, Climate, Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Planetary Hydrology, Planetary Sciences


Precipitation, climate change, temperature, extreme events, global climate model, ice sheet contribution


Published: 2019-03-25 13:55


GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) 2.1

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