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Evidence that seismic anisotropy captures upstream palaeo ice fabric, with implications on present day deformation at Whillans Ice Stream, Antarctica

Justin Leung, Thomas Samuel Hudson, John-Michael Kendall, et al.

Published: 2023-11-15
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Geophysics and Seismology, Glaciology, Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Understanding deformation and slip at ice streams, which are responsible for 90% of Antarctic ice loss, is vital for accurately modelling large-scale ice flow. Ice preferred crystal orientation fabric (COF) has a first-order effect on ice stream deformation. For the first time, we use shear-wave splitting (SWS) measurements of basal icequakes at Whillans Ice Stream (WIS), Antarctica, to determine [...]

Quantifying the intersecting threats of wildfire and oil and gas development in the western United States

David J.X. Gonzalez, Rachel Morello-Frosch, Zehua Liu, et al.

Published: 2023-11-14
Subjects: Environmental Health and Protection, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, Oil, Gas, and Energy

The recent increases in wildfire activity in the western United States has coincided with the proliferation of oil and gas development and substantial population growth in the wildland-urban interface. Drilling and operating oil and gas wells is already associated with emissions of harmful pollutants and higher risks of adverse health outcomes for nearby residents. Perturbation from [...]

Downsystem Grain-Size Trends and Mass Balance of an Ancient Wave-Influenced Sediment Routing System: Middle Jurassic Brent Delta, Northern North Sea, Offshore UK and Norway

Ikenna Okwara, Gary J Hampson, Alexander C Whittaker, et al.

Published: 2023-11-14
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Geology, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy

We reconstruct upsystem-to-downsystem grain-size variations in the sediment routing systems of the data-rich Middle Jurassic Brent Group of the northern North Sea, using published stratigraphic, thickness, palaeogeographic, provenance and age constraints combined with representative core and wireline-log data. Facies associations provide a textural proxy for gravel, sand and mud grain-size [...]

Plastics aplenty in paddy lands: incidence of microplastics in two rice cultivars of Kerala, India, and its impact on primary producers found in paddy fields

C. Amaneesh, Hee-Sik Kim, Rishiram Ramanan

Published: 2023-11-14
Subjects: Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Ecology Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology, Toxicology

Microplastics (MP) have received worldwide attention in recent years because of its prevalence in key ecosystems, including agroecosystems. Occurrence of MP in native paddy fields, which are critical to world’s food security, is not reported till date. This study reports the abundance of MP in two different rice cultivars, one of which is the ‘Pokkali’ crop that is Geographical Indication tagged [...]

Helium, carbon and nitrogen isotope evidence for slab influence on volcanic gas emissions at Rabaul caldera, Papua New Guinea

Brendan T. McCormick Kilbride, Peter H. Barry, Tobias P Fischer, et al.

Published: 2023-11-13
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Volcanology

The chemical and isotopic composition of the gases emitted by subduction zone volcanoes can provide insights into the origin of magmatic volatiles. In volcanic arcs, magmatic volatiles and therefore emitted gases can be supplied from the mantle, the subducting slab, or the rocks of the arc crust. Determining the relative contributions of these distinct sources is important for understanding the [...]

Leveraging Past Information and Machine Learning to Accelerate Land Disturbance Monitoring

Su Ye, Zhe Zhu, Ji Won Suh

Published: 2023-11-13
Subjects: Engineering

Near real time (NRT) monitoring of land disturbances holds great importance for delivering emergency aids, mitigating negative social and ecological impacts, and distributing resources for disaster recovery. Many past NRT techniques were built upon examining the overall change magnitude of a spectral anomaly with a pre-defined threshold, namely the unsupervised approach. However, their lack of [...]

Looking upstream: analyzing the protection of the drainage area of Amazon rivers

Rosane Barbosa Lopes Cavalcante, Ayan Santos Fleischmann, PAULO ROGENES MONTEIRO PONTES

Published: 2023-11-13
Subjects: Earth Sciences, Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology, Sustainability, Water Resource Management

In the Amazon, aquatic ecosystems provide essential ecosystem services, including transportation, food, and livelihoods for millions of species. Land use changes and management impact these ecosystem services and these impacts are not limited to the specific areas where they occur but propagate downstream along the drainage network. However, assessment of the accumulated human footprint upstream [...]

Probabilistic assimilation of optical satellite data with physiologically based growth functions improves crop trait time series reconstruction

Lukas Valentin Graf, Flavian Tschurr, Achim Walter, et al.

Published: 2023-11-13
Subjects: Agriculture

A sound understanding of plant growth is critical to maintaining future crop productivity under ongoing climate change. Remotely sensed time series of crop functional traits from optical satellite imagery are an invaluable tool for deriving appropriate management practices that facilitate risk mitigation and increase the resilience of agroecosystems. However, the availability of imagery is [...]

Changing Landscapes in a Changing Climate: An Opportunity for Invasive Plants to Create a New Proxy for Recent Landslide Events

suresh kumar thatikonda

Published: 2023-11-10
Subjects: Education

The objective of this short communication is to review the impact resulting from climate change modifications in the landscape on the growth of invasive plant species within the Western Ghats region, with a specific emphasis on the state of Kerala in India. The study highlights the correlation between intense precipitation events and the frequency of landslides, which in turn facilitates ideal [...]

Bad science and good intentions prevent effective climate action

Graeme MacDonald Taylor, Peter Wadhams, Daniele Visioni, et al.

Published: 2023-11-10
Subjects: Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Although the 2015 Paris Agreement climate targets seem certain to be missed, only a few experts are questioning the adequacy of the current approach to limiting climate change and suggesting that additional approaches are needed to avoid unacceptable catastrophes. This article posits that selective science communication and unrealistically optimistic assumptions are obscuring the reality that [...]

In-situ quantification of carbonate species concentrations, pH and pCO2 in calcite fluid inclusions using confocal Raman spectroscopy

Michael Naylor Hudgins, Todd K Knobbe, Julia Hubbard, et al.

Published: 2023-11-10
Subjects: Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Carbonate minerals are globally distributed on the modern and ancient Earth and are abundant in terrestrial and marine depositional environments. Fluid inclusions hosted by calcite retain primary signatures of the source fluid geochemistry at the time of mineral formation (i.e., pCO2) and can be used to reconstruct paleoenvironments. Confocal laser Raman spectroscopy provides a quick, [...]

How agriculture, droughts and diseases shaped the island environments of Remote Oceania over the last Millennium

Giorgia Camperio, Nemiah Ladd, Matiu Prebble, et al.

Published: 2023-11-10
Subjects: Paleontology, Sedimentology

Over the past millennium, the Pacific Islands have experienced significant transformations, caused by different waves of human settlement and climatic variability. However, the paucity of archeological records coupled with the complex climatic setting of the tropical Pacific hinders our understanding of past environmental and societal changes. In this study, we employ a multi-proxy approach on [...]

Defining Plastic Pollution Hotspots

Paolo Tasseron, Tim van Emmerik, Paul Vriend, et al.

Published: 2023-11-10
Subjects: Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, Fresh Water Studies, Hydrology

Plastic pollution in the natural environment poses a growing threat to ecosystems and human health, prompting urgent needs for monitoring, prevention and clean-up measures, and new policies. To effectively prioritize resource allocation and mitigation strategies, it is key to identify and define plastic hotspots. UNEP’s draft global agreement on plastic pollution mandates prioritizing hotspots, [...]

Wetter climate favouring early Lapita horticulture in Remote Oceania

Giorgia Camperio, Nemiah Ladd, Matiu Prebble, et al.

Published: 2023-11-10
Subjects: Paleontology, Sedimentology

The islands of Remote Oceania were among the last places on Earth colonised by humans. Lapita seafarers carrying with them an extensive root-tuber-tree crop complex and domestic animals, rapidly transformed nearly all of these previously unoccupied islands. However, the timing of initial Lapita settlements and the early introduction of horticulture remain a matter of debate as significant changes [...]

A late response of the sea-ice cover to Neoglacial cooling in the western Barents Sea

Maciej M. Telesiński, Małgorzata Kucharska, Magdalena Łącka, et al.

Published: 2023-11-09
Subjects: Physical Sciences and Mathematics

In high northern latitudes, the Middle to Late Holocene was a time of orbitally-induced atmospheric cooling. This led to increased sea-ice production in the Arctic Ocean and its export southward, a decrease in sea surface temperatures (SST), and glacier advances at least since 5-4 ka BP. However, the response of the ocean-climate system to decreasing insolation was not uniform. Our research shows [...]


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